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Should I have counselling? What type is best?

When can counselling help?
Counselling helps when your feelings makes everyday life difficult.
You may be so lonely or anxious, depressed or angry or frightened or sad that you struggle to get through the usual day to day activities.

What type of psychological therapy or counselling is best? How do you choose?
There are lots of different types of counselling and many of them work well.
Your relationship with your counsellor makes the biggest impact on how effective your counselling will be rather than the style or type of therapy.
Take plenty of time to read a number of therapists' profiles and study their websites carefully. Choose the person who sounds right for you. Choose the therapist who you feel resonates with the way you think and feel.

What counselling training have you had?
My professional training is as a psychodynamic therapist, There are definitions of the various types of therapy here

What improvements can I expect?
The aim of all counselling is to help you feel better, stronger and more in control of your life.

How long will I need to have therapy?
You may decide on a short term focus for your therapy. This would usually be six to twelve weeks. Or you may find an open ended exploratory approach more helpful. We can think about this during our first meeting. We will also review your progress regularly throughout our work together.

Do I have to book a session as soon as I contact you?
No. Our first conversation is an opportunity for us both to find out what it might be like to work together. I offer a free initial consultation. There is no obligation. You may choose to take some time to think about whether counselling would be right for you.

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